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We all want to make more sales, right? How would you like to improve your chances of a sale while not lessening your on-page SEO?

Huh? "What on Earth is he talking about?"

Read on to find out and learn how you can...

  • Improve your chances of a sale
  • Get your message across more effectively
  • Address all learning types
  • Use your visitor's curiousity to your advantage
  • Gain the confidence of your prospects

A couple of years ago a well known marketer who is renowned for his fanatical testing and tracking (and also his minimalistic approach to everything he does) investigated sales copy.

There's long been an argument over what converts well, long sales copy or short punchy sales copy. He wanted to put this debate to permanent rest in his own mind.

So he set up a sales page for a new product and started pushing traffic through it.

He had 4 versions of the sales letter on the page, which he rotated so that each visitor received a different version of the sales letter.

  1. Long sales copy with detailed bullet points.
  2. Short sales copy with short bullet points.
  3. No traditional sales copy, just detailed bullet points.
  4. Just short bullet points.

Now, most people would say that #1 - the long sales copy plus detailed bullet points - was going to convert into the most sales.

But as you can probably guess, there's a twist here; it was #4 - just the bullet points - that converted most visitors into buyers.

Incredibly, he found that people seem to prefer short bullet points more so than detailed bullet points. The best converting one had a headline, about 10 short bullet points, and an order button. There weren't even any graphics on the page.

So while a lot of people do prefer to read longer sales copy, there are even more buyers who would prefer to read just the bullet points.


Introducing WP Reveal

WordPress Reveal is a plugin that allows you to collapse whole blocks of text, video, whatever into a page. If it can be expressed as HTML, then WP Reveal can collapse and hide it.

When your visitor clicks on it, it unfolds the content.

You now get the best of both worlds. Your visitors can see your bulleted points, and then click them to read more without leaving the sales page. When you think about it, doing this is important to the way that direct sales copy works.

It's inevitable that some people will want to read just a short amount of text before making a purchasing decision, while others will want to know more about it, or even watch a video before they commit to buy.

By having multiple methods in place, and giving your visitor a choice, you get the attention of all your market preferences.


Address Most Learning Types...

We all like to learn and absorb information in different ways. Some like to read, some like to listen, some like to watch and some like to do the hands-on thing.

As you can put any HTML you like inside the tags that hide the detail, it means you can even embed audio and video into your sales page, and then only display a heading for each section. That way, people that prefer videos can watch, and those that like to read can just do that.


Better yet though is the side effect of the SEO.

Because it only hides the text from your visitors, and doesn't remove it from the page, search engines will see everything. You get the full benefit of using keyword-laden text.

Pretty cool, right? And now it's yours!


WordPress Plugin And HTML Versions...

Included in this package is a WordPress plugin to easily allow you to use this technique on your blogs and also the plain javascript code to enable you to use it on a static HTML sales page.

This means that if you prefer to use WordPress as your sales medium, you can use the plugin version. If you prefer traditional long sales copy on a single page, you can still use the technique by using the HTML version.

It's very easy to use.

All you need to do is to add some simple tags to your page which define the parts of the code you wish to show and those you wish to hide.


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P.S. - Want to see an example of WP Reveal in action?