The easiest way to create a rebrandable report!

Why not use the WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") editor built into WordPress to write and publish your free reports?

After all, there are several freely available plugins that'll make PDFs out of your posts and pages. They work great for static reports.

Now all you need is to make 'em viral!

This plugin makes it super simple with flexible, intuitive tokens and a branding technique that requires no downloads and no scary executables. You simply insert the appropriate placeholders into your posts and they get filled by matching URL arguments.

But really, it's about so much more than giving your affiliates an easy way to stamp their information into your PDFs...

Consider these possibilities:

  • Personalization - Greet your list members by name when they arrive at your blog.
  • Branded Blog - When people send traffic to your way, you can thank them by using their affiliate nickname in the links you provide (especially to your own products).
  • Landing Pages - Increase your conversions by catering to the traffic source.

And, if it were "just" token replacement, that would be powerful enough, but there's logic (as in if-else programmer speak) built right in!

What that means is you won't have to settle for awkward phrasing or punctuation or, worse yet, broken links, if your page is reached without all the brandable bits.

Click here for a live demo on my blog (opens in new window).


While there is at least one post to PDF plugin that works with WP Brander straight out of the box, some of the others required tweaks. I've included modified versions of the four most popular with the original files also maintained, so the diffs can be easily discovered.

  • Article2PDF
  • As-PDF
  • PDF24-Post-To-PDF
  • Post2PDF

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