Why Reinvent The Wheel?


Even if you know all about HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and MySQL, don't you have better things to be doing than getting everything just so? I mean...

How many sleepless nights have you wasted creating images, menus, pop-up windows, etc.?

Especially if you're still in the moonlighting stage, your efforts should be focused on creating products and marketing.

As the old adage goes, "good programmers write code, great programmers steal it." The same may apply EVEN MORE to web design. To that end I present...

The Ultimate Webmaster's Kit


Javascript Wizards For:

  • Slide Shows
  • Image Galleries
  • Web Safe Colors
  • Interactive Surveys
  • Browser Events
  • Custom Scrollbars
  • Cursor Text Trails
  • Drop Down and Hierarchical Menus
  • Standard and Animated Buttons
  • Rollover Buttons
  • Dynamic Page Transitions
  • Sound Files

Graphics Galore:

  • Two Optin Graphic Templates
  • Four Banner Templates
  • Thirteen Premade Minisite Templates
  • 27 Header Graphic Templates
  • Four Video Squeeze Page Templates
  • 21 Order/Buy/Join Buttons
  • Six Menu/Navigation Buttons
  • Four Banner Templates
  • 28 Header Graphics
  • Six Navigation/Footer Graphics
  • Plus Over 170 Web 2.0-Style Buttons and Graphics!

Limited Time Offer: $47 $27!




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