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So, You Want To Set Up An E-Course?

But, You're Feeling Overwhelmed...


Let's Talk:

These days, membership sites are all the rage. And not without good reason. If you ever want to drop the Just Over Broke and strike out on your own, a reliable income is key. One you can count on month after month without chaining yourself to the desktop in ways your boss never imagined.

Problem is, the constant need to keep such a site fresh and updated with new content is taxing indeed. You either have to get out those shackles or pay to outsource it. Hardly an option when you're just getting started.

There's a better way though, and if you've found this page, this probably isn't the first time you've heard of it. The idea is to create what's known as a time-bound membership or an e-course. A series of messages doled out on a regular schedule from your autoresponder.

With this method, you only have to write the content once. It's always fresh for the new "members." Regardless of when people sign up, they always start at lesson one and proceed from there.

Thing is the industry standard autoresponders, like Aweber, force you to tediously create your messages using their graphical user interface (GUI). There is no Import function to take either a directory of content files or a delimited file of lessons and create the corresponding messages. Furthermore, you have both the text and html body sections to populate.


With the simple technique made possible by the Super Sequencer script,
the copy and paste headache has been relieved once and for all.


Your Favorite Software Developer,

Erin aka "netkickstart"

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