Scheduled Widgets WordPress Plugin

This powerful new WordPress plugin enables you to easily add automated Scheduled Widgets. Use it to show your special offers, coupon codes, ad spots, and more...

Now You Can Add Automation to ANY Widget!

Dear WordPress user,

How useful do you think it would be to add the power of automation to EVERY single widget on your blog?

That's what the Scheduled Widgets plugin can do for you.

The Scheduled Widgets plugin adds start and end time settings for every widget on your blog wherever you place them.

You can select year, month, day, hour and minute from a date range and turn on and off a widget when it suits you.

This means you can run special offers, weekly ads and other time sensitive events and not have to worry about them showing at the correct time.

There are a lot of ways you could use this amazing plugin...

  • Distributing Time Sensitive Coupon Codes
  • Selling Ad Space
  • Daily Video Tutorials
  • Test Out Different Ads and Opt-in Forms
  • Anything Else You Can Think Of...


Distributing Coupon Codes

You could use Scheduled Widgets to display a coupon code for one day only once per week, or even once per day if you have enough different products for sale.

This would almost force visitors to come back every day to your blog to see what the coupon code was for, or they could even decide to opt in to your mailing list to get a reminder (and other offers) of when the coupon code is active.

You could then set up the same offers repeated in a cycle over several months, knowing that after you'd spent the time to set it all up once, it would be good for a very long time without you having to touch it again.


Selling Ad Space

As your blog naturally gets bigger and has more visitors you can use Scheduled Widgets and sell ad space on your blogs for a fixed price and a set length of time.

Once you've set a price and an ad block and sold it then you simply add a text widget to the agreed ad space and a date and time for the ad to start and end.

When the end time is reached, the widget quietly and without any fuss disappears from your blog and can be replaced with another. You could sell ad space for weeks or months in advance, spend an hour setting it all up and not worry about it again for a very long time leaving your time free for more productive things.


Daily Video Tutorials

People love to learn new things, so how about this idea to make your blog "sticky" and keep people coming back for more?

Set up a series of video tutorials broken down into no more than 10 minutes per tutorial per day. People like things kept short and sweet and a few minutes each day is much better than one very long one.

Upload the videos to YouTube and make them unlisted. This means the videos won't show in your channel list and people won't be able to search for them - they'll need to know the exact URL or ID in order to view each video.

Set up a series of text widgets with a link to each video to display each day.

So every day, a new video appears and the old one disappears.

If people want to view the whole set then they have to come back to your blog every single day. If you're very creative and productive (it's easy to make desktop recording tutorial videos with even a little practice) then you could place a new video up every day and not release the older ones for several months.

This means you get a double whammy of regular visitors and eventual customers.


Works With Any Widgets

The Scheduled Widgets plugin modifies ALL your widgets and this means you can use the built in scheduling to do things like:-

  • Plan promotions for upcoming products you may own or be an affiliate for
  • Add time sensitive coupon codes to your blog
  • Test out different ads to see which performs the best
  • Try out different opt-in forms with different deals
  • Run 48 hour sales that start and end automatically

All of this and more - limited only by your imagination - can be done with the Scheduled Widgets plugin.


Includes Full Documentation

The Scheduled Widgets plugin comes with an easy to understand PDF document with annotated screenshots showing how the plugin works:



It's very easy to use. Just edit your existing widgets to make them time sensitive, or add a new widget and select the date and time range you want the widget to display.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I'm Backing Up My Offer To You With My 100% Money-Back Guarantee - I'll give you ALL of your money back if you don't like what you see. Just ask for your money back within 30 days and you'll get every penny of your purchase back.

There is absolutely no risk.


So, get the Scheduled Widgets plugin for WordPress now and start planning events and promotions on your blog!

Congratulations! With Your Coupon, Now It's Only $11.00!
License: Multi-site, personal-use


Your Favorite Software Developer,
-Erin aka "netkickstart"


P.S. - The Scheduled Widgets plugin adds the power of automation to EVERY widget (new or existing) on ALL your blogs. use this incredible plugin to do things like add time sensitive coupon codes, sell ad space, run limited time sales and test out different promotions and opt-in forms.


P.P.S. - With a full 30 day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. All the risk is on me.