Password Redirect WordPress Plugin

This plugin enables you to quickly and easily place a password entry form on any post or page on your WordPress site and have the user redirected to an URL of your choosing based on the password they entered.

Also, unlike the password protected pages that come standard with WordPress, since this solution uses a shortcode, you can have other content on your page showing at all times.

Simply enter the code-to-URL mappings for that post or page in the Password Redirect section below the editor...

And put the following shortcode anywhere within your post or page to create the password input form...


In the example above, if a visitor fills in the text input field with google or yahoo, they are taken to the respective site. If they enter something else, they remain on the same post.

It's as easy as that! Simply enter the password and URL combinations, separated by commas, each on their own line and place a shortcode on your page. No complicated settings panels, so you'll always be able to know in an instant what the passwords are and where they go.

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License: Multi-site, personal-use


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