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Dear Fellow "RAP-ateer":

Want to motivate the heck out of your affiliates and JV partners?

What better way than to send them notifications of ALL their referred sales?

Furthermore, in the case of an equity partner, such instant feedback is essential to building trust. Especially if sales happen to hit a slump. You want them seeing each and every sale while they wait for theirs.

Now you can setup email notifications for those sales your affiliates, JV, and equity partners don't usually get to hear about. You know, the ones they refer in between the PayPal notifications. These alerts will let them see how well their promotions are going and feel that next sale coming.

"Be sure to check this out. I think it's a Winner!"

With this highly configurable addon, you decide...

  • Who receives sales alerts
    (any combination of affiliates, jv partners, equity partners)
  • Whether they get mail when their 2nd-tier makes a sale
  • And even whether they see refunds!



    Congratulations! With Your Coupon, Now It's Only $27.00!

    Your Favorite Software Developer,
    Erin aka "netkickstart"
    (Also from the same brain.)

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