If you use PayPal™ with Memberfire™ ...

"People Are Getting Into
Your Membership Site For FREE!"

Finally, there's a solution.


Dear Fellow Memberfire™ Site Owner:

Here's the deal. I'm a programmer, not a copywriter. So, I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

As with most of the tools I create, I first discovered a need in my own business. After I've used them for a while, I then share them with you hype-free. The way I see it, you know whether you need them. In this case, if you're

  1. A Memberfire™ owner, and
  2. Use PayPal™ to process orders

You Need To Protect Your Registration Page.

Here's what this script does for you:

  • Stops fraud dead in its tracks by verifying the payment matches the subscription
  • Puts suspect transactions and errors on hold for your review
  • Then, if everything checks out, mails your customer their personal registration link.

And installation — if you can call it that — gets no easier than this! No MySQL databases required.

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