Big fan of RAP, but...

Want More Control Over
Affiliate Payments?

Now, you can use Rapid Action Profits to drive your sales process and signup affiliates without alternating full payments.

Really like the ability to easily setup new products with RAP, and all the powerful features - but are a little leery of using the "instant commission" model? 

This is really unique, Erin. 

You'd think that as long as I've been working with PayPal and affiliate marketing, I would have thought to include a feature like this in the core RAP product.

But I didn't...

You've done a great job of putting the Mass Pay Add On together, and I'm recommending it to all my customers as a great addition to the core RAP product.

Maybe you're getting ready to launch a higher priced item and are worried about the potential of getting stuck with some large affiliate refunds.  Or maybe you're new to RAP, and just feel more comfortable with the typical affiliate scheme where the affiliates are paid once a month (after refunds for the prior month have already been dealt with).

Did you know that there's an easy way to pay multiple affiliates with PayPal - all at once?

PayPal has a Mass Pay function that let's you simply upload a file specifying a list of PayPal addresses to send money, and the amounts for each payment.

Of course, if you had to build that list by hand every month... But you don't.


It's Easy!

At the end of the month, simply login to the MassPay Addon panel in your RAP Admin Area and have it generate PayPal Mass Payment files for you. 

With the RAP Mass Pay Add On, you just select the month you want to process, the percentage you're paying, and click a button.  Non-refunded sales are calculated (by affiliate/JV) and commissions due to non-banned referrers are tallied.  It takes seconds, and you have a downloadable tab-delimited file that PayPal will accept for Mass Payment!

Admin Area Screenshot:

It really is just that easy, and pays for itself in the very first month.

NEW with Version 2.0: Now you can pay per lead, give a bonus per referred sale — on top of the standard commission, etc., all using the just-added flat rate option!

NEW with Version 2.1: Support for subscriptions.


Congratulations! With Your Coupon, Now It's Only $47.00!


Your Favorite Software Developer,

-Erin aka "netkickstart"


P.S.  All your payment files are easily downloaded to your local machine, as well - so you can keep history for as long as you want.

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