Mind if I let you in on a little secret?


Dear Fellow IM'er,

You've likely been using a slew of URL shortening programs these days. Especially with Twitter and its 140 character limit!  

In the past, these sites just gave you a garbled link that no one outside internet marketing dared click! Now, some of them at least let you pick an alias.

Better yet, many of the new shrinker/cloaker services let you track clicks and traffic sources. But, you're probably still left lamenting the loss of branding from using these things.

Wouldn't it be better if you had your own?


I'll show you a set of simple, yet very powerful techniques to do just that.
I've included all the code you'll need. No MySQL databases required.
(After all, we'll be using theirs. Shhhh... )



Your Favorite Software Developer,

-Erin aka "netkickstart"

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