Did you know you can
GET PAID to give away your product?!


Here's How...

Back in 2006, a Mountain View, California-based company set out to change the e-commerce landscape. And, no, it's not Google...

They devised an "alternative payment platform" which brought together merchants and advertising partners in such a way as to create a win-win-win.

Win #1: The customer gets a product for free merely by agreeing to try another company's services.

Win #2: The advertiser whose service is being tried gets a lead to whom they may otherwise not have been introduced.

Win #3: The merchant whose product prompted the transaction is compensated for their free product by the advertiser.

Major brands were — and still are — jumping on board, eager to enter both sides of the equation.

There's also an important 4th Win here for you as the solopreneur or small business. By associating your product or service with brand names like American Express, eBay, and FTD.com, you leverage the trust these companies have already built with customers.

The buyer doesn't give you their credit card information, instead they can sign up for a trial or other offer from a company they recognize.

The pioneer of this "offer-based payments model" is TrialPay.

Since its start, TrialPay has expanded to include in-game transactions for app developers and a shopping cart that handles promotions along the checkout process, abandonment capturing, and post-transactional offers.

However, their single product setup is still at the heart of the system. It's here where you should start your exploration of TrialPay. And that's what you'll find in the...

"Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now!" report
A jumpstart to your first product setup, this guide quickly walks you thru setting up your first product on the TrialPay platform.

Having followed the steps in the above report, you're in business with your product hosted on their site (assuming your product is a single file under 100 MB*).

Here's where you can really take the single product setup to the next level.

What if you could deliver the downloads on your own site without restriction? Clearly, in that case, you could then further engage your customer with an opt-in, an upsell, social sharing options, etc..

Well, with some programming, you can do exactly that. Or better yet, if you're a WordPress user, you can save yourself a ton of money hiring a software developer by taking advantage of the included...

TrialPay Downloads Plugin for WordPress
With this plugin, you can protect content on your blog (using a simple shortcode) based on whether the visitor has "purchased" your product via TrialPay.

Have a look at the admin area (click to enlarge):

You get them both, for one low price!

Congratulations! With Your Coupon, Now It's Only $11.00!
License: Multi-site, personal-use


Your Favorite Software Developer,


P.S. - If you do nothing else but check out TrialPay after reading this page, you will have added an important resource to your online marketing toolkit.

*) Note: Your product must be approved by TrialPay before going live.