This simple little tool is...

A Big Time Saver!

Dear RAP Owner,

This addon really is about as basic and easy as they come, but I use it constantly and thought you mind find it valuable as well.

Rather than logging in to your phpMyAdmin or creating a $0 coupon and messing with the "comp" form, now you can create a new download link on-the-fly from within your RAP admin panel.

Here's how it looks...

See that little prefix? It allows up to six customizable characters at the front of the random characters in the transaction id (txn_id). You can have a little fun with that, especially if you're sending a link to a friend. LOL. Just be careful not to use any of the standard ones used by RAP or the other addons.

New In Version 2.0!

Being able to create free review copy download links in a flash is indeed a huge time saver. Often it even saves your butt when something goes wrong and/or PayPal is taking forever to send the IPN and your customer is getting anxious. In these cases, you may want to create the sales record with a bit more information such that the right affiliate is credited, the date and time of purchase is noted, etc..

The above advanced section was added in version 2 for exactly this reason. Of course, it should be used with care. For example, if the IPN does eventually come in from PayPal, you'll want to delete your generated record in the Sales Report (that is, assuming you provided the price and affiliate info). Otherwise, the affiliate would be credited with two sales instead of one. But, if you know what you're doing and when it's prudent to create a more complete record, having these important fields available to you can once again keep you from having to log into your database and get your hands dirty.

Congratulations! With Your Coupon, Now It's Only $17.00!


Your Favorite Software Developer,