Dear Marketer,

Welcome to my no-hype salespage. As this is a software product, a WordPress plugin to be exact, and I'm a developer, I feel the best way to present this product is simply to lay out what it does and who it's for, and you can decide if that's you and if it does what you need.


Who Is This For?

Anyone who...

  1. currently uses or plans to use the DigiResults product management and affiliate platform, with its very cool drag and drop funnel system, and marketplace, and
  2. is a fan of and uses WordPress on their sites.


What Is It?

A WordPress plugin for self-hosted WordPress sites, i.e., not where they don't let you install third-party plugins.


What Does It Do?

Using a combination of DigiResults' Direct Receipt notifications (similar to PayPal's IPN) and download link validation, it both thoroughly protects your download pages and provides an overview of sales within the admin area.

If you're already using DigiResults without download protection software such as this, your downloads are either limited to their upload restriction of a single 20 MB zip file or they are sitting on a page with a weird filename in an attempt to keep prying eyes from finding them. Alas, as they say, "security by obscurity is no security at all."

Even if you don't have multiple files or anything over DigiResults' size constraints, it behooves you to have full control over your download page so you can embed videos, promote affiliate products, and more.


Screenshots (Click images to view in a new window.)

The admin panel...

Here you enter the direct receipt secret code found within your DigiResults account and a message to display when someone arrives at a download page via an invalid link or for a refunded/canceled transaction.

For example, the default invalid download message, with which the admin settings panel comes pre-populated, looks like the next image (though, of course, not at all blurry, lol). You can change it to link to your helpdesk, etc..

Once you have the admin settings configured, when you create a post or page for a product's downloads, you need only create a "drproduct" custom field and give it the value of the item # in order to protect the page from those who have not paid for the right to access your goods.

That's it for the setup: very easy, yet powerful protection for your digital downloads or registration page.

Note: While subscriptions and payment plans are handled, insofar as the download page for such a product will be inaccessible following a cancellation, this is not intended as a full-blown membership plugin.


Also available from the admin panel is an overview of your sales in a sortable table:

Lastly, the admin panel enables you to quickly create a sales record by hand, in case it doesn't get the notification, or you have old download links you want to port into the system or, the most likely scenario, you've created an access link within DigiResults for someone who hasn't purchased your product and you need to make sure the plugin recognizes it.


Congratulations! With Your Coupon, Now It's Only $27.00!


Your Favorite Software Developer,