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Dear Fellow "RAP-ateer":

Ever since my Affiliate Cookie Plugin for Wordpress took RAP product marketing to a whole new level, people have been asking me whether it's possible to do the same with any 'ole page, not just those on a blog

Ask and you shall receive!

With this powerful addon and a couple lines of code at the top of your file, you can now set RAP's global affiliate cookie from any page on the same domain as your Rapid Action Profits installation.

  • Use it as a central product hub for affiliates to drive traffic and get credit for sales on any of them, even as your prospect is clicking a naked link.
  • Write an article with product links that your affiliates will be happy to send people to read, knowing they'll get commissions.
  • And it won't leave traces in the browser's address bar either! Once the affiliate's nickname has been retrieved, it's removed from view.


    Order Now for Only $17!

    Your Favorite Software Developer,
    Erin aka "netkickstart"
    (Also from the same brain.)

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