A Rapid Action Profits

There's a lot involved in setting up a new RAP product from scratch, and the defaults aren't always the most logical. For example, the reseller percentage of 100%, the cancel URL, etc..

Wouldn't it be nice to create your own defaults? That's what this addon will do for you.

Simply select an existing product, fill in the new product's install folder and name, and hit the "Clone Product" button to make an exact copy, including:

  • All product settings
  • Reseller percentages
  • Salesletters
    (with hit counts initialized to 0)
  • Coupons (optional)
  • Emails
  • Even Subscription settings*

NEW in Version 1.2
  • Optionally attempts to copy your product folder!
  • Replication of new product-specific tables in RAP v3.2


Order Now for Only $17!

Your Favorite Software Developer,
-Erin aka "netkickstart"

*Does not replicate Membership settings