Want to sell thru ClickBank?...

Integrate with RAP!

While Rapid Action Profits is best known for distributing instant commissions direct to product owner and affiliate PayPal accounts smoothly and equitably, there are other reasons for using RAP besides this affiliate model.

Indeed, the success of my MassPay Addon is proof positive that not all RAP owners offer instant commissions on all their products. Maybe they have a big ticket item for which they feel even one referred sale should yield reward.

And then there's the issue of the payment processor itself. Some would prefer alternatives to PayPal; perhaps it's not even available in their country.

One of the most frequently requested options — both on the forum and as pre-sales inquiries on Sid's helpdesk — is the ability to pay via ClickBank.

Here's the great thing about this integration with RAP. You now have the choice, based on point of entry, whether a buyer is presented with a PayPal order button or a ClickBank one! You have the best of both worlds.

Some of the many awesome features made available to you by using Rapid Action Profits to sell your ClickBank products and vice-versa include...


Protected, expiring downloads

ClickBank products are notorious for having wide open download pages. With RAP and this addon, that's a thing of the past. Your hard work deserves the best protection.


Customer mailing lists

RAP knows who bought what and gives you a means to mail them, right from your own server (and yes, a CAN-SPAM compliant opt-out link is included in every email).


Recurring billing

Instead of allocating full subscriptions between you and your affiliates, ClickBank takes some of the luck out of who's members stay on and who's don't by paying out a percentage, every two weeks, based on all those who've stayed on from the referring affiliate.


Template system

Another good reason to choose RAP is its templating system, which once you get the hang of it, will have you pumping out new product sales processes left and right (especially using my Product Cloner Addon).


Sell multiple ClickBank products

No longer will you have to pay ClickBank per product added to their marketplace. With this addon, you can redirect thru a single hop link to a specified salespage, thus saving you money with each new product you create!


Congratulations! With Your Coupon, Now It's Only $47.00!


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