Dear ClickBank Affiliate,

If you've ever used a ClickBank RSS feed generator to automatically post to your blog, you may have noticed many of them simply plug your affiliate ID into the standard ClickBank hoplink. Talk about obvious...

This immediately flags your site in the eyes of Google as an affiliate "splog" (spam blog) and you may find the natural tendency of WordPress to rank well stubbornly countered by a lower quality score.

Or maybe you've watched as folks tossed about their ClickBank affiliate links in your comments.

This easy-to-use WordPress plugin takes care of all these issues. It...

  • Restructures ClickBank hoplinks as redirects from your own site,
  • and replaces the affiliate ID with yours,
  • wherever they appear within Posts, Pages, and even Comments!

So, instead of or
you get or, respectively

And the cb part, the directory name, can be anything you like.

Whether you use the default or not, you'll be up and running in no time (just upload and activate the plugin in WordPress).

YES! You read that right. It even swaps out affiliate IDs encoded by HopLink Shield!


Your Favorite Software Developer,
-Erin aka "netkickstart"