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WP Comment Footer and Random Ads Widget

By Erin | June 2, 2010

My two latest WordPress plugins, WP Comment Footer and the Random Ads Widget, are now live. Per usual, I like to make a quick post as a demo. Funny thing is, you can actually see these in action from any post on the blog.


That's because the WordPress Comment Footer plugin randomly selects any ad or HTML/Javascript snippet in a list of your creation for display just below the comment section. This is an area of most blogs that goes unused. Get creative with this one. It's not just for ads, you can put a sign-up form or extra encouragement to comment, etc..


And, the Random Ads Widget similarly picks from a list you populated (right from within the WordPress admin!) so as to keep your advertising fresh. Or you could show your favorite quotes or what have you. As of this post, you'll find it over in the sidebar. It also comes with a handy shortcode for placement of random content within your posts or pages.


Head on over and check out the great package deal I set up for you as well as some fascinating statistics about banner blindness and optimal placement, and screenshots of the settings panels.

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