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WP Brander WordPress Plugin

By Erin | December 21, 2009

This post is a quick and dirty demo for my friends at the Warrior Forum, where I'm currently running a limited-copy WSO for my new WP Brander WordPress Plugin.


Want to see it in action? Here's a little taste...


Step 1: Hover over this link and note where it's going.

Step 2: Now, head back up to the address bar and add ?ref=YOURCLICKBANKID to the end of the URL and hit Enter to reload this page.

Step 3: Look at the link again. Notice anything different? :)

In case you missed it, the actual link in the post changed on-the-fly! Here's what it is in plain text -> http://netkicksta.fapturbo.hop.clickbank.net/ <- This too will update based on the ref URL parameter.

Note: Just because I'm using a ClickBank affiliate link in this example does not mean it's CB-specific. It isn't. You choose the URL parameter names and what you do with them.

OK, allow me to make that last point more clear with another example. How about this? Assuming you still have ?ref=YOURCLICKBANKID tacked onto the URL from the above, now add &n=YourName to the end of the URL in the address bar, hit Enter, and watch the area below...

Just hanging out and waiting

[[T_F]]Data Leak Prevention - Data Security Solutions - Information Theft Protection, Detection and Prevention Software Productstracefusion_signature=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[[T_F]]

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