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URL Shorteners, Link Trackers, and Scrnch.Me

By Erin | June 5, 2009

There's a new link shortening service hitting the scene! Are you excited?!  ;)

I know... it feels like yet another tinyurl or budurl clone makes its debut every day claiming a new array of bells and whistles. First it was aliasing, then tracking, then cloaking, and so on. (All of which prompted me to write the definitive guide for getting the most of these tools, while not losing your own branding.)

Well, if that's the case, this one's making so much noise you'd think a damn freight train were barreling down on you! They can have their little chimes, this one's a veritable xylophone. (LOL, I crack myself up.) The slogan says it all:

Scrnch.Me is the latest from the man who brought you RAP Member Plus, the membership solution for Rapid Action Profits, Bill Ortell.

Not only does his service have everything the rest of field has—and so much more they never even dreamed—it's a fantastic look into the operation of a RAP-driven membership site from the author of the addon himself!

For that alone, if nothing else, I encourage you to poke around, take note of the various member levels (yes, including free), how registration and login works, watch the videos, etc.. I know you'll be impressed because this fellow geek certainly is.

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