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Rapid Action Profits Sale

By Erin | September 13, 2009

This one is huge folks! And for good reason. Rapid Action Profits (RAP) is now celebrating the two-year anniversary of its very first sale and the whole "family" is jumping on board with birthday gifts and discount coupons.

Check out all the fun here...

Aside from the steep bargain basement price cut ($50 off!) on RAP itself, if you're already a Rapid Action Profits owner, you'll find plenty to get excited about too — 25% off most addons (yes, even the membership add-on), a template pack, videos, and more.

RAP Anniversary Promo

And, if you're brand new to RAP or you've been sitting on the fence, now's the time to come off the perch. Yes, the grass really is greener on this side. :)

Need more convincing? Buy through either of the links above, send me your receipt, and I'll hook you up with any of my $17 or less add-ons (you pick the one).

Here's the full list of my RAP Addons.

[[T_F]]Data Leak Prevention - Data Security Solutions - Information Theft Protection, Detection and Prevention Software Productstracefusion_signature=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[[T_F]]

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