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Rapid Action Profits Payment Plan

By Erin | March 17, 2009

I'm really excited about this, for my readers sake. I've long recommended Rapid Action Profits (RAP) for managing your entire sales process, including OTOs, affiliate program, split testing, etc..

In the almost two years since it's release (as of this writing), it's become the all-in-one system of many big name internet marketers, like Willie Crawford.

And, the support forum is second-to-none. I'm in there daily, joining the many regulars helping people out, brainstorming ideas, and reviewing one another's sites. A great group of people and a great script, which I'm proud to say I've helped expand by way of my Addons. (That's a great feature of RAP right there, its extensibility through developer Addons, just as with WordPress plugins).

Well, you can tell I'm a fan and could go on and on. That's why I'm delighted that Sid has put together a payment plan that makes it quite affordable for anyone to get in on the action (pun intended). If you didn't think it was in the budget before, I encourage you to take another look now.

See you on (or is it in? or either? anyway, LOL...) the forums!

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