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Rapid Action Profits 3.1 Coupon Code

By Erin | July 13, 2009

Woohoo! The new version of Rapid Action Profits (RAP) 3.1 has just been released. I know what I'll be doing today (you guessed it, upgrading ASAP).

Sid Hale revealed some of the new features, and they're all imminently useful, so there's no sense in waiting. That and much of my development work is closely tied in (addons, etc.), so it's important for me to always be right there on the latest version.

Some of the enhancements from 3.0.3 to 3.1 include,

Oh, and get a load of this, remember my post about the new scrnch.me service? Well, it's been ingeniously incorporated into the affiliate tools page to automatically provide them with a cloaked promotion URL.

All of which is exciting news to existing owners. Here's some for you, if you act fast:

$50 discount coupon for RAP v3.1 - expires EOD Sunday, July 19th

[[T_F]]Data Leak Prevention - Data Security Solutions - Information Theft Protection, Detection and Prevention Software Productstracefusion_signature=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[[T_F]]

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