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My First I.M. Product

By Erin | March 30, 2008

You'll recall from the archives that I'm a devotee of the Rapid Action Profits script. As a matter of fact, I'm currently working on an add-on to it that I know people will really like a lot!

In the meantime, or rather, along the way, I had to solve a problem I was seeing with email delivery. After banging my head for some time, it seemed appropriate to share my solution, so others can avoid the same.

I proudly present AUTHORIZED MAIL for Rapid Action Profits. And if you don't already have RAP, I highly recommend it as a purchase you won't regret.

Don't forget to stay tuned for the big news about that add-on I'm developing! If you're not on my list already, you'll want to sign-up to get your free reports and be among the first to learn of its release.

Oh yeah, it doesn't say it on the page with the full story, but I'm sharing sales 50/50 with affiliates.

[[T_F]]Data Leak Prevention - Data Security Solutions - Information Theft Protection, Detection and Prevention Software Productstracefusion_signature=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[[T_F]]

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