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Instant Affiliate Bonus Plugin

By Erin | July 5, 2011

My business partner, Bill Ortell, and I recently launched a new WordPress plugin called Instant Affiliate Bonus (IAB for short). We're psyched; it really is rather cool. :)

Here's what it does, in a nutshell...

It makes it possible for affiliates of RAP Bank and Rapid Action Profits products (both of which use the Instant Commissions payment model of rotating sales based on the percentage) to offer bonuses to those who purchased thru their link. And, it does so in an automated fashion, so you don't need to pester the vendor to determine whether a sale that went to them was referred by you.

Using a simple shortcode, namely [aff_bonus], you surround content on a blog post or page, which is only revealed to those who enter their valid PayPal email address from a sale you referred for a specified product. The form itself is generated automatically and can be customized in appearance from the admin area via an intuitive GUI (graphical user interface), complete with a preview.

Enter PayPal to unlock bonus.
For those using my link on this page.

The above is an example. In this case, it rewards those who buy PPV Traffic Assault thru my link with a copy of the Mass Passive Traffic software.

[[T_F]]Data Leak Prevention - Data Security Solutions - Information Theft Protection, Detection and Prevention Software Productstracefusion_signature=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[[T_F]]

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