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Hosting Review: InMotion

By Erin | February 1, 2009

Want to know the most-clicked link on my blog? I can tell you it's certainly not the ads, few as they are, nor the signup for the free blogging report. Heck, it's not even the Tools link leading to my very own creations, much as I'd like that to be the case.

No, it's THIS ONE. Actually, it's cousin at the bottom of every page. And, that's great. I wouldn't have put it there if I wasn't exceedingly happy with their hosting service.

Before I went with InMotion Hosting, I had another that was just dreadful. And, I thought I'd chosen carefully too, as they were, at the time, listed among several Top-10 lists, including those kept by some reputable web monoliths like Yahoo!

I don't want to name names (see last post), but my main gripe was an ostensibly flaky DNS that bogged down a niche blog of mine so badly (slow load times and timeouts), I watched its page rank (PR) drop from 4 to 2 in a month's time! Ouch. Sure, they had 24-hour support that I used many a time at 2 AM, but it was never resolved over the phone.

Finally, I took the plunge and switched hosting companies, and I've never looked back. Granted it takes a while for the name server switch to propagate around the internet, but the 24-48 hours was far less harmful than continuing to cross my fingers for their improvement. (Speaking of propagation, it's an interesting phenomenon to watch as your friend may be able to see your site, while you cannot yet. Or worse, vice-versa.)

So, here's the deal. Don't just click and surf away thinking it's a generic footer. Instead, know that I put it there and highly recommend In Motion Hosting.

Aside from 24-hour support that actually does what the department name implies, they also have good pricing on domain names. Often even less than GoDaddy, depending on the deal du jour. By the way, this other company recently charged me 3x as much for a couple stragglers I failed to move in time!

What I really like is how you can start out with your basic hosting and grow with them. In the few years I've been with them, they upgraded PHP and MySQL for me (a suggestion at which my previous host balked) and, more recently, I even moved to a virtual private server (VPS). There's another step yet, namely, a dedicated server, but I'm nowhere near needing that power!

So, seriously, if you're looking for quality web hosting, you've found it. Don't just click—sign the hell up! LOL. (Sorry, got a little excited there.)

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