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Get More Buyers Review

By Erin | October 28, 2008

Michael Rasmussen's new Get More Buyers product has launched today, and the email flood has begun. If they learned from him, these marketers will receive plump affiliate checks from their promotional efforts.

Unfortunately, in most cases, those "efforts" are hardly deserving of the appellation; a good 80% (there's that Pareto Principle again) are just copy-and-paste emails from the product owner. Of course, I'm not speaking only of this launch; it's standard practice.

Meanwhile, those of us, like myself, who actually take the time to review all the materials and offer honest evaluations in our own words, suffer under the stampede. I sent a single mail yesterday before the frenzy and after viewing all the videos.

The results? Not a single sale. Reminds me of the dating scene as a young(er) adult! That's what I get for building my list from giveaway events (I kid the frugal people on my list as I was similarly so). Anyway, enough of the sour grapes. What did I think?

Well, if you're a beginning marketer, the first 13 videos contain a ton of valuable teachings. And, even if you've heard all his recommendations for building a list of buyers before, the review and implementation details are worthy of careful study. I've watched them through twice as of this writing.

Michael Rasmussen's Get More Buyers

In addition, he's included three advanced videos that are just that — advanced. Finally, everything's reiterated in a fairly dense 144-page, step-by-step PDF.

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