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Big Boxes of Stuff

By Erin | November 14, 2008

That's Frank Kern parlance for lots of physical products delivered to your door for only shipping and handling. The two biggest examples of these loss leaders, Mass Control Monthly and Stomping The Search Engines, must have been quite successful both in back-end upsells and the number of folks staying on with the attendant continuity part, as many others are now following suite.

I present for your educational benefit, some that are still currently available. For the cash-strapped beginner, they're a good way to try out these programs before signing on for a more serious investment.

I was going to put SureFireWealth's Instant Video Empire in that list too, but it looks like their deal may have ended. Anyway, I hope you find a gem among these from which you'll be happy to keep learning and profiting.

A word of warning: While I'm sure they've split-tested it, I'm no fan of the 'ole autoplay video. Most, if not all, these guys use them though, so turn down your speakers until you can be sure the volume's right.

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