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Belcher Button and Testing

By Erin | June 25, 2009

If ever there's a mantra (or a cop-out depending on your point-of-view, LOL, kidding, kidding, geez) in marketing, it's that you have to test, test, test.

Want to know whether this headline or that would fare better? Why not just ask Mike Filsaime (or some other big guru of your choosing), right? WRONG!

Even as the guys at Keith Wellman's LiveStream event (recording here) the other day, including Matt Bacak, were reporting some counter-intuitive results, they warned against jumping to any conclusions in your niche, with your product, etc., etc..

You have to test. Yet, who can deny the sheer beauty of a well-designed "Belcher Button," said to be the best converting button in internet marketing? Whether it still works quite as well given its over-exposure, we can't seem to get enough of it.

Made that bad-boy myself. Well, kinda. Got a little help from this new graphics tool, but it's highly customizable, and I had fun creating it.

[[T_F]]Data Leak Prevention - Data Security Solutions - Information Theft Protection, Detection and Prevention Software Productstracefusion_signature=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[[T_F]]

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