If you're like me, you have way too many unused and half-started websites. Maybe you've put up a blog post or two and there it sits.

Now, suppose someone comes beboppin' along and notices there's not much content, but they're interested in the subject and want to see if you've written anything about X that just may not be showing on your homepage (or so they think).

What do you suppose they do? Probably type something into your search bar, right?

Of course, with only the start of a site, the most likely result is a big 'ole 404 page, and away they go.

Wouldn't it be better if you could take this opportunity to ensure they get to one of the sites for which you're an affiliate?

With the Affiliate Search Plugin for WordPress, you can now monetize these failed searches (or all searches, if you want) by redirecting to the search results on a different site, presumably an affiliate link, but maybe just one of your own, more populated sites.

The admin area is super simple and comes with a few options to customize the behavior of your WordPress search bar.

You can determine whether to...

  • Always Redirect To Affiliate Search Results
  • Only Redirect If No Results Are Found On Your Blog

Or, as a neat alternative...

  • Go Straight To A Post Or Page If Only One Result Is Found

Great for product review sites, brand new sites with little content, etc.. Maybe even as the only thing — the landing page — on an unused domain?! Any way you slice it, it may well be:

Note: Included in the manual are step-by-step instructions on how to retrieve your affiliate Search URL from Amazon Associates Central.


Your Favorite Software Developer,