Control your coupons!

The Affiliate Coupons Addon for RAP enables the following powerful new coupon options...

  • Affiliate-Specific Coupons
    Now you can ensure a coupon you provide to a specific affiliate can only ever be used by them. Anyone else attempting to use another affiliate's coupon with their own nickname will find it doesn't work, i.e., the discount is removed.
  • JV-Only Coupons
    Give your Joint Venture Partners a leg up with a coupon that doesn't work for standard affiliates.
  • Customer-Only Coupons
    Reward customers of the product in question with a discount code that only works for them.

Requires Rapid Action Profits v3.1+

Bonus: Manual includes a copy and paste form for putting a discount code entry field on your salespage.

Congratulations! With Your Coupon, Now It's Only $37.00!

Your Favorite Software Developer,