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Are your affiliates afraid of selling?...

RAP Affiliate Cookie Plugin for Wordpress
makes it easy on them and you!

Dear Wordpress Blogger and RAP Product Owner:

As a product owner, you no doubt know the problem of recruiting and motivating affiliates. Maybe they sign up for your programs, but they never send mail. Heck, many of them probably don't even have a list!

Read on and I'll show you how this simple little plugin makes it so exceedingly easy for others to promote your products without even so much as a pre-sell!.

Surely you know the feeling yourself from their perspective. You want to share your experiences with the coolest new product or service, but you feel like you've already overwhelmed your list or blog readers with promotions.


The Ultimate Soft Sell

So, you think, "Well, I'll just put their ad in my sidebar" and you cross your fingers and hope your readers notice before the offer is over. And, if they notice, that they'll click.

You and I both know which way most blog readers are leaving your site though. It's not the ads, it's the blogroll! They're in a reading mode. Passing through to the next personal story or learning opportunity.


But What About You?

Now, you've put yourself in the shoes of your shy affiliate. Plain and simple, they feel stuck! They're thinking, "I don't know what to do:

  • Can't mail the list because I just did
  • Can't write a blog post about it because that wouldn't be good content.
  • That dang ad isn't working and my blog is looking like Las Vegas at night
  • I don't want to put the product owner in my blogroll because
    that won't get me any commission..."

See how that leaves you equally stuck?


Here's the solution

Make it PAY for your affiliates to link to your blog!

That's exactly what the Affiliate Cookie Premium Wordpress Plugin does for you.

All they need to do is add their nickname or PayPal email address to the URL and the RAP affiliate cookie will be set for your domain. What this means is your affiliate just has to send readers to your blog. When they go on purchase any of your RAP products, the affiliate gets credit for the sale. It's a boon to everyone!

Oh yeah, here's another cool thing about ACP: The referral is automatically cloaked!


This really is The Ultimate Soft Sell Tool

Order Now for Only $17!

Looking forward to adding you to my blogroll.  

Your Favorite Software Developer,
Erin aka "netkickstart"

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